When a Girl Tries to Report Manchaster City Winning Match

When a girl with no sport field background tries to report a football match, I know it sounded like a kid trying to dig into Einstein’s formula.

But here I won’t share about how the match went or tried to analyze which strategy worked or didn’t. Because I had no idea about it. I happened to see some matches of football because I like to keep company with my dad, and he really like to see football match. So, one night, 2 days ago, when I saw my dad set his eyes on a football match, I sat next to him and joined him.

Then he said, “If Manchaster City won, they would become the champion of the league.”

I said, “What league? Chealsea has already won.”

Yeah, that was just to tell how much I didn’t know about football. But there’s one thing I’ve learned from that match that I wanted to share here.

The winning match of Manchaster City was the best scenario of all possible scenario about its winning: to lead first than to make mistake and almost lost, but finally to come back and win it.

When the QPR made their first goal, I almost screamed. I had already taken side to the Manchaster City since I knew that it would be their first victory again after 44 years (girls like a little bit drama, don’t they?). And the worse is how was the goal made.

For they who maybe didn’t watch it, I’d try to describe it like this:  It was a bad mistake from one of the Manchaster City’s back. He tried to head the ball to move it forward, but the ball got backward instead, and passed right to the QPR’s striker. One second later, a goal for QPR was made.

Here’s what I thought about it: that’s the worst scenario of almost winning match ever. They almost won it, but a mistake was made. That man who made a mistake was completely a wrong guy who did wrong in a wrong situation. I even pitied him that he could be a public enemy.

Later, the second goal was made. I thought, there’s no chance Manchaster City would win. So I went to sleep.

When I woke up and found out that Manchaster City turned out to be the winner, I was surprised, stunned, amazed, happy, it was something indescribable feeling in a positive way.

Because, not only it turned from the worst to be the best scenario of a wining match, they also got the recognition as the winner from many of the Manchaster United’s supporters who previously wouldn’t recognize them.

So, the point that I’ve got here is: If I wanted the best scenario to ever happened to me, I would have to prepare to have the worst scenario first.

Just when I had my worst situation, there I had the chance to get through it and turned it to be the best situation ever.

So, I think, when we’re in the middle of a bad situation that things seem can’t be worse anymore,  let’s get through it, and be prepare for the best. Because the worst is the recipe to be the best.

I imagine if Manchaster City would won by 1 – 0 to QPR and never experienced the almost lost incident, maybe it would be just like another winning champion match. There will be tears and laughs when they lifted up the trophy, but not exagerratedly like yesterday. There will be excitement roar from their supporters, but not super gloriously like yesterday. And most importantly,there won’t be a true recognition from the MU’s and other team supporters like yesterday.

But when I think about it again, I wonder was it just luck that brought the Manchaster City to become the winner? Well, I then came up with this thinking:

The worse of the worst: Manchaster City didn’t win at all after having the chance to win. They finally lost.

The better of the best: They come back again, no matter how many years after that, and bring the trophy home.

So, if it’s not the best ending, it could be possibly not the ending.

Tonight, when I worried about all my problems and start to get depressed, I try to think of it as my worst scenario. And that’s a good start to have my best scenario.

This is probably how God wants to teach me about how to compose myself:  by showing me an amazing match of Manchaster City vs QPR. Funny, but I got it.


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