May Love Story part2 – May and June

My brain was freezing when I heard that news. I thought that couldn’t be happened. I thought I will be the only child forever. But another miracle happened for mom and dad.They couldn’t believe it at first when they knew that I would had a sister. Then I was in my first year of senior high school that time, when my sister was born.

They named her June. Because June was the name that follows after May. Maybe some people would think it was so sweet that sisters were being named as May and June. But I thought that was totally a joke. There’s nothing special about her in June, how come her name became June? Did they get her that name just to follow my name? I hate that June name, to be honest. And I hate mom, dad, and my sister. Yeah, they said that it was sibling rivalry or jealousy. Whatever.

I knew that mom was not young when she had my sister. She was already 47. The doctor said that it could be high risk pregnancy for her. But she fought for her baby. My sister was born with a slight complication. They said that she was blue when she got out and the doctors need to help her to breath at first. Then she was monitored in an intensive care unit for newborn babies. After a week, she got better and better. There I watched mom and dad cheered so joyfully like I never saw before.

When they come home from the hospital, I knew that the glory time for me being the brightest star in the house was reaching the end. May was over, June was the star now. But they didn’t prepare me to share their love to another kid. They always praised the ground I stood before, and now how could they want me to share that ground with another kid?

So there, I asked for a pet. We never had a pet before. But I wanted to have it, so I could have something that would be just looking at me. When it came to a pet, I was instantly thinking a dog. I still a bit traumatized every time I saw a dog actually, because of my bad experience in the past. But my motivation to have a pet conquered my fear.

We couldn’t have a dog, May. We have a baby here. And you didn’t have any clue how to take care of a dog.” That was what I heard when I brought up the idea of having a dog for me.

I said nothing that moment. But on the next day I bought a little rabbit home. I was told that I could have it as long as I had a cage for it and feed it myself. I didn’t listen to them. I bought a pet just to make them upset, because they said no to my first proposal of having a pet. So when I didn’t see my rabbit anymore, mom told me that she gave it to the neighbor. Then I was very angry. Not only that it turned out to be me who became upset instead of mom or dad, but also she gave it to someone else without telling me first.

That didn’t stop me. On the next day, I bought a giant rabbit home. They sold it with its cage so now I already had a cage for my big rabbit. I could tell that they were surprised to see me come back with a rabbit much bigger than what I brought home earlier. But they said nothing.

When the first week passed by, I found no problem at feeding it and cleaning its cage. But after a month, when my school work and schedule get busier, I often neglected to take care of it. I must admit that it started to smell bad around its cage. They warned me about it. However, I thought they would help me taking care of it without I had to ask. But that’s not what happened. They eventually took it away – for the second time. I was so shocked to find it out that my rabbit was taken away from me, again.

That night, dad asked me to take a walk with him to the park but I said no and slammed my door in front of him. I knew he did it just to soften my feeling. But I was already too upset because they had given away my rabbits. There’s nothing they could do to make me not upset. Not even by bringing those rabbits back home, because they twice had took them away. It’s something that already happened and nothing they could do about it.

They tried to reach me at first, mom and dad. But then they let me do all what I want because I kept saying no every time they tried to reach me. I acted like I didn’t care, but deep inside I really want them to keep trying to talk to me. How could they be so insensitive to me now? And there I hated them more, hated June more.

Most of the time when I got the anger back again, I would walked to the park by myself. I tried to keep myself calm there. And somehow I still wished to see Divo back, to play and laugh with him again and forgot about all things that made me angry. I started to be interested to guys in my school, but I remembered that no one could make me forget about how he could make me laugh so badly.

In my list of praying, I would always pray that I will meet him again someday. After I had a sister, I pray it over and over more frequently because I need to laugh like he once made me laugh before. I couldn’t stand it anymore to be the only one in the house that wasn’t belong to the family. I need my good friend who could comfort me by making me laugh. But every time I remembered how the situation of his family from the rumor, I felt myself was so selfish that I wanted to meet him so he could cheer me up. But still I prayed it.

Long enough I had to wait until my pray was answered. I finally met him again when I was on holiday at the end of first year in school, when I took a trip out of town with friends. I hadn’t seen him for almost 6 years, and I hardly could recognize him at first.

It was on the traditional market. There I saw a bunch of boys, from a small kid to teenager, gathered around on one side of the market’s street. They all looked messy and not so clean. I took notice on them because I was scared they would do criminal stuff. But when my eyes saw a face that wearing hat, there was a voice in my head whispered that it was him. He’s much taller now. But his face wasn’t changed much. He was Divo whom I always wished to meet again. Without thinking twice, I come to ask him.

Divo?” I asked skeptically.

I could saw a shock in his face when he saw me and heard me call his name. That moment, I knew I was right. He was Divo. I could saw his eyes frowned for a while, and then he tried to leave me. But I followed him, didn’t want to lose my probably last chance to meet him.

You’re Divo right?” I asked again.

He stopped and finally turned back at me. “Hi, May.

There’s no smile at all in his face now, or a funny face that was ready to laugh at me. And his voice had changed, it was deeper. But I was thrilled to know that he still remembered me from his past.

However, no matter I tried to ask about his family, he would avoid and told me to go. I knew I had no time to catch up with him. But I couldn’t believe that after so many years and the fact that he left without any goodbye, he still didn’t want to talk anything to me. Didn’t he think that I consider him as my good friend?

Finally when I had enough to be disappointed about his unfriendly welcome, I just blurted out all that thing that I always wanted to tell to him. “I have a sister now, but I hate her. And I hate mom and dad. But no one care!

He kept going away. Feeling rejected, I couldn’t hold my emotion anymore that I started to cry in the middle of the crowd at the traditional market.

You will look 8 years older if you hate someone. That is a scientific fact, you know.” I heard a voice talking to me. I looked up and there I saw him again. No expression coming from his face, but what he said felt so tickling that I tempted to smile. But after saying that, he then left again.

So, there I realized that Divo was just a good person with good attitude. However, he might not think of me as his good friend. I meant nothing to him. And this is a situation that I couldn’t help but leave it just like that.


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