There’s Something About Sweet Treat

I realized it’s been long time I didn’t post anything on my blog. When I started this blog, all my intention is just to share something to anyone who just happen to read my writing. At first I thought I had tons to share, millions to write. I made a pact to myself that I would write about once a week. Or at least once in 2 weeks. But as the time went by, I started to think different. I started to think that what I wanted to share has already been written by someone else, in better way than I would do. And then I thought I didn’t have topic that would be good enough to be shared, or I had no great idea to be written.

But today I just felt the urge to write something, to share something to anyone who would come to my blog. And to be honest, I have no idea about what I would write. Today, I saw an ice cream stand on my way to do exercise. I said to myself, NO. I couldn’t have a cup of sweet because sweet wouldn’t do good to my metabolism. But I kept staring on those ice cream until I passed them. Then, I remembered how I haven’t written anything lately. I proclaimed that I love to write, but why didn’t I write? So I said to myself, if I wanted that cup of ice cream, I would have to write something tonight.

SO, here I am, posting a post that had no exact idea. I write just for the sake of a cup of ice cream. I was tempted to write about what is so special about ice cream? What is in it that made me said to myself : I WANT THAT! I remember one phrase so well: SWEET TREAT. You know, how we will be happier for no reason after eat some sweet. Well, other might call it GUILTY PLEASURE.

When I was in medical school, I was taught about the biochemical of sweet as carbohydrate. How is the metabolism of those chains of sugar, what enzymes needed to perform the metabolism, etc. Something that made me had headache when it came to exam times. But I wasn’t taught exactly about how sweet could produce happiness (or maybe I was asleep when that topic was being discussed). But I’ve read it on health magazines or article from websites. I quote this lines from

And sometimes it’s those “feel-good” chemicals that make it so hard to say “no” to another cookie. For humans are programmed to dive straight into sugar; a quickly digested instant burst of energy, sugar is directly related with serotonin, the “happy chemical” in the brain.

But sugar is also an instant diet breaker. White flour food items such as white bread, pasta, waffles, pancakes, cookies and baked goods are, essentially, nutritional wastelands. High in calories, low in nutrients, and usually delicious to boot, these “bad carbs” are guaranteed to be bad news for your waistline.

 Well, do you read an ice cream above? I didn’t read that. But I knew that if I continued searching, I would find it being listed on food that I should limited to consume.

HOWEVER, I know that I know better about sweet treat. Treat in my dictionary is something rewarded when we achieved something. So, I just have to achieve something when I want to enjoy it. In my case, is to write something. Well, I could simply buy it actually. But that will ruin the essence of what sweet treat means. That well ruin the spark of joy when I get it and taste it. Moreover, when I had it as a sweet treat, that would not be a guilty pleasure anymore. It’s just a mere pleasure.

Nevertheless, I realized that on the name of sweet treat too, I can’t enjoy it too much. We could never really enjoy something that we had too much, I guess. But I knew I wouldn’t have ice cream too much. First, I like ice cream but not a huge fan of it. Second, a cup of ice cream wasn’t the only of my sweet treat. I had something else that maybe consist of getting a cute bookmark. Maybe not the sweet literally, but it felt sweet to me.

After I wrote this, it came to my mind that, actually, what caused the happy chemical in the brain to be released? Is it the literally sweet treat or the ‘sweet treat’? I hope you know what I mean..

Well, I wouldn’t try to get the answer now. That would need a complex research, I thought. Maybe I’ll come to that again later. Now, I just wanted to get some sleep so I could enjoy my ice cream tomorrow. Initially, I wanted just to write maybe 2 paragraphs, just to babbling about something. I had no idea that I would end up in discussing about sweet treat and had more paragraphs than I thought where the word count would almost hit 900. For that, I totally deserve a double scoops of sweet treat. 😀

PS. I hope you wouldn’t blame me if you tempted to have a cup of ice cream too after reading this. Well, in case you want it, better to treat it like a sweet treat 🙂

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