Have you read a novel titled Perahu Kertas?

ImageTrying to write this blog again after watching Perahu Kertas 2. It’s an Indonesian novel titled Perahu Kertas, written by one of my favorite author, Dee Lestari. It’s such a nice movie, even when I didn’t get the chance to see the first sequel. And I get a lot of things I like from this movie that I want to share here. A lot.

First, I really like the design of Remi’s office. It’s colorful, it’s tidy, the point is that it’s a very creative atmosphere there and I just like it so much. Second, I really like how a dream come true in that movie. When the tale written by the main character was finding its publisher and even there’s a road show for it, I just think it’s awesome. I know it was nothing to do with anything, it’s just how the story goes. Every story that depict a dream come true is an awesome one for me.

Third, I like the setting in this movie, especially when they set it in Bali. They really capture the atmosphere of Bali in this movie. And I think I dare enough to say that I get the concept of Bali more in this movie rather than in the Hollywood movie Eat, Pray, and Love. I will not start to compare the Bali setting in both movies. They are great movies. I just favored the concept of Bali in this movie so much. They really tempt me to get a time off to Bali and enjoy its ambiance. Blessed is Bali for its atmosphere, beauty, and culture.

And there still many things I like from this movie. How the wardrobe in this movie for all character was simply simple and not complicated or super stylish. In a couple of scenes, they even got the main characters dressed in a plain shirt. And they’re not displaying any latest gadget or car. Believe me, when you watched this movie in later decades, maybe you’ll assume it was produced in the earlier of 21st century based on the gadgets and vehicles they were using,

But last not least, there is a line that deep enough for me to write it down here. I know this is a drama movie, so maybe some would think this is a mushy line. And I know this is not an action movie, so there’s neither cool nor witty conversation or trick. This line even come in a question form.

It is simple. In Indonesian, it goes like this: Hati memilih, atau dipilih? To translate it in English, it could be like this I think: Is heart choosing, or being chosen?

What I like a lot about this line wasn’t just about its essence, but because this is not a statement. The fact that it is question, that’s why I like it.


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