Let’s Make a Green Grass Jelly!

This afternoon, I made a green grass jelly (in Indonesia, we called it ‘cincau hijau’) with my housekeeper. Honestly, till I breath that very own second, I had no idea that what it needed was just pieces of leaves – which is found in my family own garden.

So, did you have any idea how to make a green grass jelly which ingredients was just green grass leaves?

At first I bet most of Indonesian nowadays didn’t know about it. But surprisingly, I was the only one in my house this afternoon who didn’t know how to make it. Am I that narrow sighted about Indonesian tradition? Well, but I am still thinking there are many people who don’t know how to do it. So, I tried to document how the process went along.

So, we pick the leaves.


The question is, which leave? Well, could you see the leaves surrounding the spiraling stalk? The small ones. The one with the lighter green color. Yes, that is the leave we are going to use. Pick them as necessary.

Next, we will put those leaves together in a container and wash them up. Then, using the lukewarm drink water, we squeezed (in Indonesian, my housekeeper would use the term ‘bejek-bejek’) the leaves wholeheartedly and with a vengeance. And they will release its quite sticky mucus and made the transparent clear water into dark green color.




After that, we’ll collect the water that has changed color.


We could repeat the process until the leaves lost all its mucus. Then we will left the water alone for couple hours. Something will happen: that water will turned to jelly. WOW!


And last, just enjoy the green grass jelly. It taste not too good because it was taste like green. My housekeeper made a sweetener for these green grass jelly using brown sugar and pandan leaves to add flavor. But I think it is better to enjoy it in a fresh and healthy way. Nothing compares originality, doesn’t it? However, I did try the jelly with a dip of sweetener. Haha. It taste good, I must admit. But my next try consist only the green grass jelly.

I tried to look for its benefit but I was too lazy to open the results after I google it. But I remember that it is rich of antioxidant, just like green tea, and many researches have proved that its antioxidant is richer than green tea. Plus, it’s a fiber, so it will do good to our digestion. And when I took a glimpse read of the result, I could read that it could help hypertensive patients to reduce their blood pressure. I don’t know it’s true or not, but as long as it’s not harming, why not to try?

After all, it looked so much better in a glass. From the garden to the glass. It was simple yet good for health. Cheers!


PS. I thought someone who found the process of the green grass leaves to be green grass jelly was a genius. Too bad no one know him. People in my house said that this process has been known long time ago. Indonesian speaking: ‘dari jaman baheula’. Well, it is awesome to find that some leaves could turn a water into jelly. Thanks God. 🙂


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