Photography for Newbie part 2

Ambarawa has more than just a cemetery, it has a Marian grotto which is famous enough in the Java. It’s called Kerep Marian grotto. Since I was toddler, my mom and dad often brought me here with my brother and sister also. So going back here was bringing back memories. But one thing different, now there was a place where food stalls were here and there for the crowd. And I realized it’s more crowded than ever. Well, that maybe due to the long weekend after the national holiday of Eid al-Adha (Idul Adha).

They offer quiet wide variety of food – I chose meatballs and rabbit satay. First I had no gut to eat that, since my Chinese horoscope was rabbit too. But… at the end I tried it, and liked it! I am so sorry, rabbitt… 

I wanted to eat pecel too – pecel is indonesian food where they serve the food with peanut sauce – but I had my stomach full so too bad I had to pass it.

I realized this is my first time showing a picture of myself with my family. So, there I am – with my mom and dad

This picture above is the gate of the grotto, and it was located across where the food stalls gathered, and below is the road signs to lead us where we want to go, and yes – we could always go to Roma or Nazareth (;


Above is the scene of the grotto. actually the place for the people was still a bit spacious in the back, but my camera couldn’t capture it. So actually, it’s more crowded actually than the picture here.

Below – The grotto also provided water for the pilgrim to wash their face – but there’s no announcement if there’s something special with the water. 

Another thing new is Kerep Marian Grotto now has a garden, which is so beautiful! And this path will lead us from the grotto to the garden..

The garden was amazing – it’s nice and have a lot of green open space… Oh, I love that!

And well, that’s my day in Kerep Marian Grotto in Ambarawa – nice place to have something to eat, to pray, and to relax… What a day (:


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