Something to remember in 8th November


Eighth November could be a special day for some people. Or a so-so day for another people. Or maybe a hell on earth, for a bunch of people.

Some people might get a new dress. Find a new book to read. Or just going to a coffee shop for regular visit. But some people might lose a job. Find that there’s nothing to eat today. Or lose a son.

Those people, who found 8th November was a special day, or just so-so, or on the other hand a hell was living on the same planet. These people, who found 8th November as a day to find a new dress, or just to go to coffee shop, or lose a job, or lose a son, shared the same air to breath. The very same formula of a paired atom of oxygen.

We bumped on. Crashed each other. Mixed on this universe.

Not everyone was a nice people on 8th November. Not everyone was super enthusiastic on that very date. Earth was a collision. One might meet someone whose son is lied on the hospital bed, waiting for the announcement of his son brain death to be established by the doctors. How’s that felt in his position? He would probably run to a traffic light and fell asleep while waiting for the traffic light to turn to green. Because maybe he had been lack of sleep for a week, giving his sleeping time up to watch his dearest son lied with lots of medicinal devices connected to sustain his life. For seconds later people would probably honked their car as loudest as it could be. Shouting words that would burn the ear. But unfortunately his ears wouldn’t feel the pain. Because there’s worse pain in his heart. That on this very day, he knew he would lose his son. On 8th November.

If only every one knew what he’s going through…

But unfortunately, not every one know. Not everyone would come to the probability that some one having a bad day on 8th November.

What would happen if no one having a bad day for a day? Everyone is having a fantastic day. What would happen? I am so curious to know it.

But tomorrow, the earth would continue to become a collision. Where the bad guy meet the good guy. The bad moments meet the good moments. Bad news meet the good news.

As it collide, earth is actually polite. One would never meet bad days forever. As one would never meet good days forever. Bad day could be the door to good day someday. As good day could be the door to bad day someday.

The message I remember in 8th November would be something I always try to remember. In good times, be humble still, and in bad times, keep hope still.

PS. For everyone who lost their loved ones in November – God be with you all, friends


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