A Late Christmas Greet

christmas-mistletoeChristmas has always been a special holiday. But eventually Christmas has always been coming just like every other day to me. But this year, I think I really wanna grab something that did not exist in every other day. First, I really wanted to post a Christmas song this year. Then  I had my time to attend a Christmas concert this year. And I tried to do a volunteering in a Christmas lunch with the poor this year. Did they make my Christmas special this year? They did. (:

But the ultimate thing I learned in Christmas this year is that Christmas reminds me that I have hope. I did very much mistakes this year. I hurt someone badly, I think. And I also left an academical business unfinished. I abandoned things that important. Even until the Christmas mass, I felt like terrible. But the preaching of the Christmas mass woke me up. Well, I always listen when people asked “What is Christmas actually?”

I would listen and listen. But that time, I really listen and it got to my heart. Christmas is about a celebration of the presence of God in me. People would describe it in many ways what is Christmas actually, I got it. But, that time, what got to my heart is that Christmas is about God in me. I didn’t rejoiced that night. I had my worries. But in that depth of worries, I found once again that God is in me. I don’t know what or why or how, but everything will be merry at the end. So, have ourselves a merry little Christmas… not just in 25th Dec, but also in every other day. Well, now I really like to try to bring what is in Christmas to every other day.

I can’t record the video in the Christmas eve, Christmas day, or a day after Christmas. So today, let it be a late Christmas greet to you. Have yourself a merry little Christmas..



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