A Girl who Said Yeses 10 Days in a Week


It’s exaggerating. I know. Josephina is her name. And the best thing she could do is, you’ve guessed right, saying yes.


To her friends who asked her to go with them, though she has something else to do.


To her parents who asked her to accompany them to somewhere, though she must be in other place at the same time.

Of Course.

To her co-workers who asked her to help them finish their work, though she has things to finish too.


To her friends again. And so the story goes.

Short said, she has mastered any vocabulary that showing an agreement.

And the only time she could said no was… NO Problem.

Did she ever say the REAL no?

Unfortunately, NO.

Her favorite movie would be Yes Man, which support the idea that saying yes always could never bring harm.

Well, good thing that no one stranger to her asked her to marry him.

As other yes-person, she had tried hard to say no. She had those times, practicing in front of a mirror how to move her jaw to pronounce the clear O. But as her brain said no, her heart screamed no, her tongue muscle betrayed her. Making her said yes like people would say AMEN to their Father every time he said God Bless You.

She even tempted to do a consultation to a neurologist, to find out if there’s something wrong with her hypoglossal nerves which control her tongue.

But everyone has known how the story of this kind of person would end up. How each of those yeses would take its toll, slowly but sure. But things like go round and round in vicious cycle, has no end for her, until she met Median, who probably an angel sent from above to show her a way to exit.

“Filthy you, an egoistic and selfish persona you are.” Median once commented to Josephina when she said yes for the thousandth times.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Don’t you realize it, miss?”

“About what?”

“That you are a filthy, egoistic, and selfish person.”

“Oh, that. I realized it so well actually. Thank you for reminding me.”

“Seriously. Do you know you are that kind of person?”

“Poor you, miss.”

“I know. Shut up now.”

Josephina has turned pale. But Median won’t stop.

“You want everyone to think you are a good person.”

“Do you understand the meaning of shut up?”

“You just want a good reputation.”

“And actually, you don’t really care to other people. You only care about what people think about you.”

Pale and paler she became. It stroked her heart right to the point where she always wonder. She might know but she can’t admit it. Now there is someone who slapped it right into her face, she has to accept it.

“Do you know how to stop?”

“Is it me to stop or you to stop?”

“Both. But don’t stop until you tell me how to stop.”

“Fair enough.“

“It was both art and logic.”

That is how Median sees in saying no. It was an art because saying no just means that it was about saying yes to another thing, which is more important.

“You know that kind of picture, where you could see a beautiful young lady or an ugly old woman.”

“And how’s that a logic?”

“It is logic that in reverse, saying yes mean you say no, you stupid.”

“You’re saying..”

“To this very time, you already said no when you said yes. You already said yes when you said no. You are a little bit slow-thinker, miss.”

“And you are hard to understand.”

Median smiled. “Fair enough”.

So, how’s the end? I let the reader decide. I bet ones interested in reading this story until the very end, somehow somewhat, there’s a bit Josephina in themselves. As it is in mine. So, this is not a story about Josephina. Let decide how the end goes alone. Fair enough, doesn’t it?


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