Final Note for Indefinitely

I had a bit ambitious plan yesterday: to publish 5 posts in a day. And with this post counted, I published 5 posts today!

Well, what’s the point?

As the blog I declared my own stage, I now want to go off the stage and take a long long pause for an indefinite time. Or not. Haha. But this time, I came to a decision to take my break.

I love to write, to play piano, and a doctor. I really loved to combine those 3 in my life but I really had to choose one I would live. Primarily, maybe I’d choose music. Or writing. But, those years I spent in medicine school is nagging me when I spent more time not on medical stuff.

So, here I am. Bowing down as a writer and a musician I made myself.

I still have debt on my cigarette article (in indonesian), so I knew I would still write again in this stage. That would be the real final post.

I had much fun and joy filling this blog with my thoughts, my stories, and over all, about how I see the world. I really enjoy surfing in the unlimited virtual world hunting for reference I want to talk about. Some would lead me to places made me inspired.  And so is writing the articles, juggling words to deliver my ideas and my thoughts. Finding the right words to express exactly what’s on my mind is hilarious. Not forgetting to mention that fun it is to record myself playing piano, setting up the tripod, measuring its distance to piano to capture my hands and the voice. I’m not a technology junkie with hardcore tools, so I stood with the conventional ways. Memorizing the notes (I don’t like seeing video of one playing piano with the music sheet so I made myself memorizing what I want to play) are challenging, but it was fun at the same time.

Short said, it was a party to me. To share to the world wide web.

Until next time, readers. Thanks for visiting this blog…



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