A Girl who Said Yeses 10 Days in a Week


It’s exaggerating. I know. Josephina is her name. And the best thing she could do is, you’ve guessed right, saying yes.


To her friends who asked her to go with them, though she has something else to do.


To her parents who asked her to accompany them to somewhere, though she must be in other place at the same time.

Of Course.

To her co-workers who asked her to help them finish their work, though she has things to finish too.


To her friends again. And so the story goes.

Short said, she has mastered any vocabulary that showing an agreement.

And the only time she could said no was… NO Problem.

Did she ever say the REAL no?

Unfortunately, NO.

Her favorite movie would be Yes Man, which support the idea that saying yes always could never bring harm.

Well, good thing that no one stranger to her asked her to marry him.

As other yes-person, she had tried hard to say no. She had those times, practicing in front of a mirror how to move her jaw to pronounce the clear O. But as her brain said no, her heart screamed no, her tongue muscle betrayed her. Making her said yes like people would say AMEN to their Father every time he said God Bless You.

She even tempted to do a consultation to a neurologist, to find out if there’s something wrong with her hypoglossal nerves which control her tongue.

But everyone has known how the story of this kind of person would end up. How each of those yeses would take its toll, slowly but sure. But things like go round and round in vicious cycle, has no end for her, until she met Median, who probably an angel sent from above to show her a way to exit.

“Filthy you, an egoistic and selfish persona you are.” Median once commented to Josephina when she said yes for the thousandth times.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Don’t you realize it, miss?”

“About what?”

“That you are a filthy, egoistic, and selfish person.”

“Oh, that. I realized it so well actually. Thank you for reminding me.”

“Seriously. Do you know you are that kind of person?”

“Poor you, miss.”

“I know. Shut up now.”

Josephina has turned pale. But Median won’t stop.

“You want everyone to think you are a good person.”

“Do you understand the meaning of shut up?”

“You just want a good reputation.”

“And actually, you don’t really care to other people. You only care about what people think about you.”

Pale and paler she became. It stroked her heart right to the point where she always wonder. She might know but she can’t admit it. Now there is someone who slapped it right into her face, she has to accept it.

“Do you know how to stop?”

“Is it me to stop or you to stop?”

“Both. But don’t stop until you tell me how to stop.”

“Fair enough.“

“It was both art and logic.”

That is how Median sees in saying no. It was an art because saying no just means that it was about saying yes to another thing, which is more important.

“You know that kind of picture, where you could see a beautiful young lady or an ugly old woman.”

“And how’s that a logic?”

“It is logic that in reverse, saying yes mean you say no, you stupid.”

“You’re saying..”

“To this very time, you already said no when you said yes. You already said yes when you said no. You are a little bit slow-thinker, miss.”

“And you are hard to understand.”

Median smiled. “Fair enough”.

So, how’s the end? I let the reader decide. I bet ones interested in reading this story until the very end, somehow somewhat, there’s a bit Josephina in themselves. As it is in mine. So, this is not a story about Josephina. Let decide how the end goes alone. Fair enough, doesn’t it?


May Love Story part2 – May and June

My brain was freezing when I heard that news. I thought that couldn’t be happened. I thought I will be the only child forever. But another miracle happened for mom and dad.They couldn’t believe it at first when they knew that I would had a sister. Then I was in my first year of senior high school that time, when my sister was born.

They named her June. Because June was the name that follows after May. Maybe some people would think it was so sweet that sisters were being named as May and June. But I thought that was totally a joke. There’s nothing special about her in June, how come her name became June? Did they get her that name just to follow my name? I hate that June name, to be honest. And I hate mom, dad, and my sister. Yeah, they said that it was sibling rivalry or jealousy. Whatever.

I knew that mom was not young when she had my sister. She was already 47. The doctor said that it could be high risk pregnancy for her. But she fought for her baby. My sister was born with a slight complication. They said that she was blue when she got out and the doctors need to help her to breath at first. Then she was monitored in an intensive care unit for newborn babies. After a week, she got better and better. There I watched mom and dad cheered so joyfully like I never saw before.

When they come home from the hospital, I knew that the glory time for me being the brightest star in the house was reaching the end. May was over, June was the star now. But they didn’t prepare me to share their love to another kid. They always praised the ground I stood before, and now how could they want me to share that ground with another kid?

So there, I asked for a pet. We never had a pet before. But I wanted to have it, so I could have something that would be just looking at me. When it came to a pet, I was instantly thinking a dog. I still a bit traumatized every time I saw a dog actually, because of my bad experience in the past. But my motivation to have a pet conquered my fear.

We couldn’t have a dog, May. We have a baby here. And you didn’t have any clue how to take care of a dog.” That was what I heard when I brought up the idea of having a dog for me.

I said nothing that moment. But on the next day I bought a little rabbit home. I was told that I could have it as long as I had a cage for it and feed it myself. I didn’t listen to them. I bought a pet just to make them upset, because they said no to my first proposal of having a pet. So when I didn’t see my rabbit anymore, mom told me that she gave it to the neighbor. Then I was very angry. Not only that it turned out to be me who became upset instead of mom or dad, but also she gave it to someone else without telling me first.

That didn’t stop me. On the next day, I bought a giant rabbit home. They sold it with its cage so now I already had a cage for my big rabbit. I could tell that they were surprised to see me come back with a rabbit much bigger than what I brought home earlier. But they said nothing.

When the first week passed by, I found no problem at feeding it and cleaning its cage. But after a month, when my school work and schedule get busier, I often neglected to take care of it. I must admit that it started to smell bad around its cage. They warned me about it. However, I thought they would help me taking care of it without I had to ask. But that’s not what happened. They eventually took it away – for the second time. I was so shocked to find it out that my rabbit was taken away from me, again.

That night, dad asked me to take a walk with him to the park but I said no and slammed my door in front of him. I knew he did it just to soften my feeling. But I was already too upset because they had given away my rabbits. There’s nothing they could do to make me not upset. Not even by bringing those rabbits back home, because they twice had took them away. It’s something that already happened and nothing they could do about it.

They tried to reach me at first, mom and dad. But then they let me do all what I want because I kept saying no every time they tried to reach me. I acted like I didn’t care, but deep inside I really want them to keep trying to talk to me. How could they be so insensitive to me now? And there I hated them more, hated June more.

Most of the time when I got the anger back again, I would walked to the park by myself. I tried to keep myself calm there. And somehow I still wished to see Divo back, to play and laugh with him again and forgot about all things that made me angry. I started to be interested to guys in my school, but I remembered that no one could make me forget about how he could make me laugh so badly.

In my list of praying, I would always pray that I will meet him again someday. After I had a sister, I pray it over and over more frequently because I need to laugh like he once made me laugh before. I couldn’t stand it anymore to be the only one in the house that wasn’t belong to the family. I need my good friend who could comfort me by making me laugh. But every time I remembered how the situation of his family from the rumor, I felt myself was so selfish that I wanted to meet him so he could cheer me up. But still I prayed it.

Long enough I had to wait until my pray was answered. I finally met him again when I was on holiday at the end of first year in school, when I took a trip out of town with friends. I hadn’t seen him for almost 6 years, and I hardly could recognize him at first.

It was on the traditional market. There I saw a bunch of boys, from a small kid to teenager, gathered around on one side of the market’s street. They all looked messy and not so clean. I took notice on them because I was scared they would do criminal stuff. But when my eyes saw a face that wearing hat, there was a voice in my head whispered that it was him. He’s much taller now. But his face wasn’t changed much. He was Divo whom I always wished to meet again. Without thinking twice, I come to ask him.

Divo?” I asked skeptically.

I could saw a shock in his face when he saw me and heard me call his name. That moment, I knew I was right. He was Divo. I could saw his eyes frowned for a while, and then he tried to leave me. But I followed him, didn’t want to lose my probably last chance to meet him.

You’re Divo right?” I asked again.

He stopped and finally turned back at me. “Hi, May.

There’s no smile at all in his face now, or a funny face that was ready to laugh at me. And his voice had changed, it was deeper. But I was thrilled to know that he still remembered me from his past.

However, no matter I tried to ask about his family, he would avoid and told me to go. I knew I had no time to catch up with him. But I couldn’t believe that after so many years and the fact that he left without any goodbye, he still didn’t want to talk anything to me. Didn’t he think that I consider him as my good friend?

Finally when I had enough to be disappointed about his unfriendly welcome, I just blurted out all that thing that I always wanted to tell to him. “I have a sister now, but I hate her. And I hate mom and dad. But no one care!

He kept going away. Feeling rejected, I couldn’t hold my emotion anymore that I started to cry in the middle of the crowd at the traditional market.

You will look 8 years older if you hate someone. That is a scientific fact, you know.” I heard a voice talking to me. I looked up and there I saw him again. No expression coming from his face, but what he said felt so tickling that I tempted to smile. But after saying that, he then left again.

So, there I realized that Divo was just a good person with good attitude. However, he might not think of me as his good friend. I meant nothing to him. And this is a situation that I couldn’t help but leave it just like that.


My first fiction story.. “May Love Story”

I’ve written some medicinal and health articles in about-medics.blogspot.com and http://greatlifeacademy.wordpress.com, a few self-motivational and religious writings, and also an environmental post. To end this month, I’m thinking of writing a post that I haven’t done before. So here I go with the fiction one. Why love story? Because the title of May Love Story was the first thing come to my mind that time. And worse, it wouldn’t get away from my head. So, be it the title: “May Love Story”.

I knew him in a park. We met in this park, Alaina Park. Me with my family, and him with his family. As I knew, our family were similarly a simple family, similarly love this park. But maybe the memory we had in this park were different.

I don’t know what made his family to come often to this park. But for my family, this park is quite special. There was a precious history for my mom. A history that made a wonderful story to tell.  She has been thousand times telling me this story, but everytime she started again, her eyes were always softened. It was like seeing a delicate feeling she tried to pour out every time she passed this memory.

After mom and dad got married, they had had to wait for 4 years before they had a child, berfore they had me. After went through a couple of infertility treatment series which were pricey too, they still had no result. Mom become so stressful and finally she gave up. In some point, after she gave up, she surrended on what God’s will for her. But eventually, it was the time when she finally had been given a child.

From the first time when she moved in to a new area after marrying dad, mom has already felt in love to Alaina Park, which was located not far from our house. Mom felt that there was a peace she could enjoy the most in this place, where she could had a quality spiritual time. I have to admit that this park is beautiful with its leafy trees and there were woody bench so everyone could drop by and enjoy fresh air. So, every time she had free time or nothing to do, she would come to this park.

On one mild evening in May 9th, mom took a visit to the park. While she was sitting down on the bench, she felt asleep. Maybe because she was tired that time, but she had this dream while she was sleeping. There was someone who came to her and handed her a beautiful baby girl. She remembered clearly every detail on that dream, like it was happen for real.

Somehow, after woke up, she had a strong feeling that she will be pregnant soon. But she had no courage to tell dad. She was afraid that it was only a dream, and would let him down if her feeling was just wrong.

But miracle happened. On May, mom didn’t get her period. So after two weeks, she went to buy a pregnancy test pack. It turned out to be positive. She always said that it was the best feeling ever to see the two strips on the pack. Finally these 4 years waiting was fruitful.

That night, she showed the pregnancy pack test result to dad. Being afraid to put hope in advance, dad directly brought mom to the private practice of an obstetrician. It was positively confirmed. The doctor said that he saw a gestational sac on mom’s womb, showing that she really in the middle of bearing her first child. After hearing that, dad was blown away and cried. Well, he didn’t tell me that part. It was mom who told me that dad immediately shouted and cried when the doctor passed the good news.

After came out from the doctor’s place, mom finally told dad about the dream she had in Alaina Park. Both of them were very grateful and they decided to celebrate that moment in the park. Yeah, it was already late. But thankfully they didn’t close the park at night.

AND, on that very night, they decided to name their baby May, if it’s a baby girl. Mom was very sure that they would have a baby girl. But if it’s a baby boy, it will be named Alan – according to Alaina name which was modified. Those names were chosen to remind them about the place where mom had new hope to become pregnant, and about the time when the miracle happened. So, there I am, being named May, although I was born on February.

So that was the special memory that my mom and my dad had in this park. Although their schedule become busier and had no time to go to the park as often as before, they still tried to make a time to pay a visit every once a month, especially on May. Usually on Sunday, after having a mass in church, they will drop by to the park and prayed there.

But I had my own special memory too here. A memory with a young boy whom I regularly saw in my visits to the park. I noticed that He and his family were also often come to this park. But I had never talked to him before. I was busy playing alone, and he was busy playing with his younger brother.

I finally talked to him after years. When I was seven, in the last week of May, I once had been chasing by a dog while I played quite far from mom and dad. I remembered that time I ran in an amazing speed for a seven years old girl. But my route got me further from the park. So, when I saw a junction in the right side of the road, I wanted to turn there. But I was not prepared for a quite big and deep street gutter in that roadside. Short said, I felt off to that gutter.

That dog was just growling when he saw me felt off to gutter, then he left me alone. I was so relieved when I saw the dog left. But pain started to rise and I began to aware of a bad smell from the gutter. I try to climb out, but my feet were so painful when I try to move them. That time, I was ready to break out and crying.

There, I saw the familiar boy I told before. He was slightly bigger than me. Out of nowhere, he had showed up in front of me, stretched out his hand, and helped me to get out from the gutter. When I managed to get out and stood properly, he laughed at me. Maybe he was laughing my ‘just fall off in gutter’ look. I was ashamed for a second. But there was something in his laugh, something warm, probably. So that instead of crying, I was infected with his laugh and started to laugh at myself.

“My name is Divo,” he stretched out his right hand again, now with a smiling face.

Looking at his hand, I was spontaneously hiding mine. Because my hands were filthy after felt in to the gutter.

“May,” I answered without looking at his eyes or shake back his hand.

I wanted to say thank you when I heard my mom and dad’s voice vaguely shouting out my name. Maybe they were worried after seeing me no where around the park. So without saying no more, I turned back and ran back to them, leaving my helper.

I was running not far when I heard him said, “Take care, May!”

Hearing my name, I turned to him again and I could see him smiling and waving his hand. Without thinking, I could feel my hand wave back to him. Then I got back to mom and dad.

Seeing me in a awful condition, mom and dad took me home immediately and they become a little bit too worried, a little bit hysterical maybe. So I had no chance to tell them there was a boy who helped me, that his name was Divo. Only the big brown dog that chased me that got into their knowledge.

After that incident, my visit to Alaina Park become more often. I told mom that I would play with friends from my school. Because the park was not far away, mom had no objection to let me go. Actually, I didn’t go the park again and again to meet my friends there. As I could remember it well, I didn’t have a lot of friends in my childhood. There weren’t many who like to play with me. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t used to share something with other. Maybe that’s because I was the only child.

So, I went there to look for Divo. My new friend who helped me that day. I was curious to see him again because I was interested to his laugh which could make me laughing at myself. However, just when I tried to look for him, I rather hardly saw him again. Well, probably he still often came back to this park but in the time when I wasn’t there.

I just met him a couple of times before I finally lost contact with him. But, though I only met him in couple of times, I could say that I  become a good friend to him. In that our few encounters, we would play together, and he always laughed at me. Because I was no good at any game he tried to teach me. But every time I heard him laughing, I could laugh too. I laughed out loud like crazy whenever I played with him, until he left without any goodbye.

When I finally heard something about him, I was old enough to process what kind of situation he had. I was 14 that time, and I haven’t seen him for about 3 years since my last meeting with him. I overheard when mom talked something with dad. About the family they used to meet in the park. I knew it was Divo’s family.

I couldn’t believe it at first. They said that Divo’s dad was in prison for being caught up using drugs, and his mom was dead because of unknown illness. When I flashed back at the time when I often saw them in the park, I felt that they were a nice couple, a nice family. What has happened actually that suddenly one of them went to jail and one of them died and there’s no news about their kids? Where’s Divo? Where’s his younger brother?

But nobody could answer that for me. I never asked out that question to someone actually. I just hoped that I could see Divo again in Alaina Park and ask him how is his family going? Yeah, but no more encounter with him in Alaina Park. So I could only hold on to that news that spread in the neighborhood.

That time, it made me realize that when someone meets someone, it was more than just accidently happen.

From billions people, billions places, billions moments, and billions events that could happen on this earth, to be with someone in a same time and space dimension, it has to be something that happened for a reason. Something that has been destined to be.

I consider my encounter with Divo as a story which has been destined to be. And I hope, my story that has been planned to intersect with his hasn’t ended yet. At least not like this.